I’m featuring both a CD and a DVD this month!  I found both at my old stomping ground off State Street in Madison, WI at Mimosa’s.  http://www.mimosaspirit.com/. Read more about “The Ison Method” at David Ison’s website as well as Gurmukh on her website listed below.

Product Description:  Awaken Your Inner Source of Healing and Transformation

“In 1980 I was in a serious car accident. Left unable to walk, I drew upon my experience as a musician and energy practitioner to explore how I could use breath, meditation, and sound to stimulate and realign my energetic body in order to heal myself. To my doctor’s amazement, I quickly made a full recovery. Wanting to share my experience with others, I refined what I had discovered and created a new kind of musical process that induces deep relaxation and resonates with the body’s energy centers, or chakras—which I call The Ison Method™”— David Ison

Since that time, Ison has used his music to catalyze profound healing and transformational insight with thousands of clients. Chakra Healing Music releases blockages in your physical and energetic bodies. As you listen, you will experience waves of relaxation and expanding emotional freedom. From this deep and open place, healing can occur spontaneously, and new possibilities for living emerge.

TRACK 1: Descending into Your Body
Your transformational musical journey begins as Universal Energy enters from above through your open crown chakra. As it descends through your energetic body, it resonates and sparks each chakra, aligning you with this life-giving energy that surrounds us all.

TRACK 2: Ascending into Your Essence
Your journey continues as the energy now turns and rises up from your root chakra. Each energy center is now opened and awakened, and you are able to receive the essential qualities contained in each.

You can hear the full CD during one of my yoga classes, or listen to clips and purchase it for your own listening pleasure at:

http://www.amazon.com/Chakra-Healing-Music-David-Ison/dp/B004VF668A (Clips available at this site)

http://www.theisonmethod.com/Store.html  or



Gurmukh’s Kundalini Yoga DVD

The reviews of this DVD say it’s a great introduction to Kundalini Yoga, and I agree!  A live class is always preferred, but this is a great introduction!

Description:  Awaken your spirit and discover your true potential with Kundalini Yoga. Kundalini is a powerful spiritual energy that lies within us all. Based on ancient healing techniques from India, kundalini yoga helps you unlock this energy, strengthen your body, still your mind and set your spirit free. Celebrated yoga teacher Gurmukh guides you through an invigorating series of self-paced yoga sets that give your body an active workout and help you develop inner peace and outer strength. This is a yoga practice to help you thrive amid the challenges of today¹s stress-filled world. Kundalini Yoga takes you on a journey of joyful self-discovery and complements all other yoga practices and exercise programs. Experience a radiant transformation as you build long-lasting health benefits and increase your endurance.

Your Kundalini Yoga DVD includes: Awaken: Stir your spirit through movement and breathing. Energize: Raise your energy through vigorous standing poses. Strengthen: Build stamina through challenging aerobic exercises. Relax: Soothe your spirit through meditation and deep relaxation. Props Recommended: Mat, Blanket.

You can purchase your very own at:  http://www.amazon.com/Kundalini-Yoga-Gurmukh-Garri-Garripoli/dp/B00062DKOK and listen to an intro at: