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Heartwarming Practice by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, PhD

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Heartwarming Practice

“A heart meditation is a time to dwell with everything that is in your heart.  We all need a way to enter the world of feeling and warm ourselves at the inner fire.  This is a good practice to do toward the end of the day. Be in a cozy place.  Light a candle, or settle yourself in front of a fire in your hearth.  You can be sitting up or lying down.

This meditation is about cultivating the sense of warmth and light in your heart, thus healing the cold and frozen places.  You can do this practice a hundred times and every time have a different experience.

Begin by thinking of someone or something you love without reservation. Notice the sensations in your heart as you remember your love.  You may feel lightness, expansion, aching, or melting.  You may feel joy or sorrow.  Breathe with those feelings.  Allow yourself to be with whatever is there.

When we love someone or something, we want to pay attention and we delight in paying attention.  Attention, in essence, is love.  Let your love teach you how to pay attention to the flow of life within you.

Now bring your hands to your heart.  Rest your palms on your chest.  You will feel a place that wants contact.  As you breathe, you may notice a rising and falling motion under your hands, the soft flow of breath.  Let your fingers and palms ride those gentle waves.

Feel the warm contact of your hands against your chest.  Imagine that warmth penetrating deep into your heart.  You may feel your heartbeat.

The heart is designed to love, to express, to give and receive.  Notice your longing to be in the presence of what you love.  Let your heart be warmed by your love.  Let the warmth melt any cold or frozen places, any part of you that is aching, afraid, grief-stricken, lonely, disappointed, or bitter.  Let the flame of your love warm you from the inside.

Make a humming sound, such as “mmmm,” “home,” “huuum,” or “ohhhhmmm.”  Keep saying it over and over, feeling how the sound vibrates your chest.  In a causal, exploratory way, send the “hum” into your heart.  Continue making the “hum,” letting the sound become quieter, just a whisper.  Gradually let it become an internal sound you are thinking or remembering.  Then let the “hum” fade away, knowing you can return to it at any time.

Once again notice the contact of your hands on your heart.  Slowly open your arms outward, as you would to embrace someone.  Take a few breaths in this open-arm position, and then slowly, very gently, bring your hands back to your chest.  You are returning to your heart, bringing that embrace into your own heart essence.

Repeat this movement several times with great leisure, as if you want to make the motion last as long as possible.  This movement is an expression of the give and take of your love.

Sometimes we ache because we are not receiving enough love, and sometimes we ache because we are not giving enough love.  This simple motion of in and out from the heart—opening to give and drawing in to receive—is a yoga of the heart, a way of expressing balance in giving and receiving.

Bring your hands back to your heart and pause.  Simply breathe and savor the sensations.  When you’re ready, take another few breaths, open your eyes, and gently make the transition into your outer life.”

Intention:  I am awake to love.  I am ready to give and receive.  I am in the flow of love.

Source: Meditation 24/7, Practices to enlighten every moment of the day by Camille Maurine and Lorin Roche, PhD.

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Meditation for a Happy New You by Rev. Vic Fuhrman & Barbara Biziou:

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Meditation for a Happy New You by Rev. Vic Fuhrman & Barbara Biziou:

Take a few deep breaths and allow your body to take in all the air that it needs. Imagine your entire body softening.

Begin by thanking the divine for all the gifts in your life right now. Appreciating where we have been is a magical key to moving forward. Every situation and relationship from your past has taught you something useful, and has made you who you are today.

Now notice those things that have outlived their usefulness. What keeps you stuck? What stops you from living your deepest dreams? Recognize the obstacles to achieving the changes that you choose for your life. Begin to make mental notes of all of those things that you are ready to release.

Where are you still holding resentment toward another?  Toward yourself?

Let all your fears, worries, doubts, disappointments, and anger surface in your mind… envision them as a muddy stream which flows out of you as you breathe. See yourself releasing old hurts, sadness, imbalance, and injustice in your life from the past and present. Feel them dissolving, pouring out of your body.

Just let them go. Release all the “should haves,” “could haves,” “if onlys.” There are many layers to let go of, so for now, let go of those things that you are able to. Just let them go.

Now see what items, relationships or situations you have outgrown or that need to shift in some way. Take the time to express gratitude for the lessons learned, and then visualize them gently leaving or changing to promote your new reality.

As you free yourself from the past you open up space for fresh, honest relationships and exciting new opportunities to come into your life.

As the old energy flows out, experience a new lightness, feel a new power and vitality entering into your mind and body opening up space for compassion, for forgiveness, for health, for prosperity and success. Invite in those people who are able to respect and honor your growth and change.

Dwell in this new space for a short time, opening your heart and expressing gratitude for the opportunity to grow and move forward. Honor and acknowledge yourself for the courage to clear house and let go.

Now imagine that you can breathe in the qualities that you need for this new part of your life. Breathe in courage to be true to yourself. Just breathe it in. Breathe in patience, discipline, spontaneity; anything that you feel would assist you in this new beginning. See yourself as strong and positive.

In your mind’s eye, picture what you would like to receive in your life and imagine yourself easily receiving these gifts. Feel yourself radiating with positive energy as you attract new people, ideas and situations.

See yourself joyful and content with this new reality.

Slowly begin to deepen your breaths. Gently move your fingers and toes. Gently begin to turn your head from side to side. Keeping your eyes closed, take three final deep breaths. When you are ready, you may open your eyes.

Many blessings for a “Happy New You!”  (

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Grounding Breath

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Grounding breath

Take a deep inhale with eyes closed visualizing all your scattered energies coming back to you at center, like you’re a magnet attracting back to you what was yours to begin with, and as you exhale, send your breath down your feet into the ground down into the earth like roots of a tree.

Even picture the dirt pushing away from those roots as your breath energy goes down into the Earth. Do this with a few breaths going as deep into the earth as you can, and stay there as long as you need to. If you’re new to visualizing, just know it gets easier with practice.  Sometimes I like to hold a natural river stone in the palms of my cupped hands.  Natural river stones are especially grounding.

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Since this month’s Chakra section focuses on the element of water and the Sacral Chakra, I chose the following meditation/visualization from my own experiences. It’s one I personally use adding color therapy and sea salt.

I like to do this meditation while in the shower imagining that I’m outside in nature underneath a waterfall. I start with sprinkling a generous amount of sea salt over my body to further cleanse my body of anything I consider to be “bad energy” that might have attached itself to me.

(Dr. Jacques de Langre, Ph.D., who wrote the book “Seasalt’s Hidden Powers”, states that naturally and properly sunshine-preserved sea salt is the difference between life and death, health and illness, social sanity and planetary panic and its elements are vital for proper body functions. That natural hand-harvested Celtic ocean salt alone helps to maintain life, neutralizes toxins and detrimental bacteria, and enhances all our organic function. )

After the sea salt sprinkle, I imagine that the shower water rushing over my body is cleansing it of all negative thoughts and pains along with any “bad energy”. This can be very personalized to whatever you conceive your “bad energy” to be. Let go of everything that troubles you and everything you are done with. Surrender to the waterfall.

In my yoga classes I have a “throw down” asana flow where I suggest letting go of anything you’re done with or no longer want in your life with each exhale, and I refer to it as my “Etch a Sketch®” move—the “do over” move. It’s like, “here’s our opportunity to begin again”. Treat this visualization like that.

Since the color blue is cooling, sometimes I imagine a royal blue stream of water as an anti-inflammatory for any sore joints, visualizing a ball of blue energy cleansing out the joint in a circular fashion then carrying the inflammation down the drain. This simple exercise leaves me feeling lighter and less stiff in the joints, as well as infuses me with positive emotions since invariably; I imagine my waterfall being in Hawaii!

Here are a few Web-sites on using salt to cleanse yourself of “bad energy”:

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Strike a Match meditation

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The Solar Plexus Chakra (one of the two focus chakras highlighted in the Chakrascope below) is related to the fire element which is why I chose the following meditation this month.

Strike a match* and hold it a foot away from you and look at the flame. Be aware of the flame. Focus your full attention on it. I’ve heard this type of focus being similar to immersing yourself into the flame as you would with your ears listening to a piece of music. With intent focus, experience the flame so deeply that you become one with it. That most likely won’t happen on the first try, but it is your aim.

You can do the same exercise, when you are ready for longer meditation time, with a candle, or perhaps that last summertime (or first autumn) fire. Place the candle on a table about two feet away from you at eye level. *Make sure you have a fire-proof place to drop your match quickly and make sure the surrounding area is fire-proof as well!

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Ceremony of Rebonding / The Silent Walk

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I have two meditation exercises this month!  The second one, done as written, takes a bit longer to do than most of the ones I highlight here.  I included it because it offers a deeper connection with Nature, and that is my focus this month.  Enjoy!

Ceremony of Re-bonding

A simple way to “go home” and renew the bond with our Earth Mother is through sensory immersion in the wind.  This ceremony can be done anywhere outdoors and in virtually any setting – your back yard, in front of your office building, a park, in a convertible, or walking down the street.

  • Pause from your thinking and business of everyday life.
  • Bring your awareness to the feel of the Earth’s breath (the wind) moving around your skin and the body.  The atmosphere is always moving, even if this motion is barely perceptible.
  • Notice how our Mother’s breath is touching you.  Depending upon the strength and consistency of the wind, its touch may feel gentle, firm, playful, or rough.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so in your setting, turn your face to the direction of the wind, open your arms wide, and embrace it in return.
  • Finally, breathe in the air deeply and then whisper (or shout) your thanks.  It is our Mother’s breath that makes possible our own life-sustaining respirations.

Source:  The Healing Earth, Philip Sutton Chard.

The Silent Walk


“The silent walk is a powerful exercise for attuning to Nature and the myriad of wonders within

it. It is potentially the most powerful exercise we can perform. It is an act of sacred sharing,

honor and openness.

The skill lies in walking in silence, abandoning all words, vocalizations, and any trappings of

civilization that are likely to make unnatural noises. The silence and harmony of this activity,

especially when performed at dawn or dusk, creates an acute awareness that we share the

world with all living things. And ultimately, it will gift us with Nature encounters that fill our

hearts with blessed wonder. 

This exercise should be performed at dawn or dusk because these are sacred times, times in

which the spiritual and physical intersect. They are also times in which animals are often more

active and visible and the spirits of plants, flowers and trees are more discernible.

Prepare for this by giving yourself at least a half-hour of meditation time prior to the walk.  The focus should be on quiet attunement to Nature. Choose a location that is somewhat secluded – where there will be no traffic. Old country roads that are seldom traveled and overgrown are good. Plan on walking a half-hour to forty-five minutes out and then turn around and come back.

Open to the spirit of Nature as you walk. Imagine stepping into Nature as stepping into a new dimension where sights, sounds, smells, etc. have a sacred meaning.  Imagine this natural world as a sacred place, an open-air temple, inhabited by spirits.  Imagine the spirits of plants and trees. Think of them as greeting you with their colors, textures and fragrances and sounds. 

Nature (plants and animals) will sense the energy of a single person or a group, thus the preparatory and solitary meditation. It recognizes disharmony and even unconscious and unintentional disrespect. If animals feel a peace, a harmony that is soft and unthreatening, they do not run away. They do not hide. The animals experienced may move away at your approach, but they do so without the frantic fear that they demonstrate most often when humans approach. They will retreat a few steps at a time, stopping to look over their shoulders, just to satisfy their curiosity. The colors and fragrances of plants will be soft but very strong at these times, standing out more clearly.

If you walk under trees or by bushes, gently touch them.  Sense their energy and response to

you.  Enjoy the beauty and wonder.  Try to experience with all of the senses, noting sounds,

colors, fragrances and more.  Walk slowly and calmly.  And remember that you are entering a

sacred realm—not as an outsider or possessor of the land but as a distant relative, a


This exercise requires control, sensitivity and a subtle appreciation. It will enhance attunement to the presence of animals not readily encountered or readily visible. Through experiencing Nature in silence, we discover everything is an expression of the Divine Life – including ourselves.

One of Nature’s greatest gifts is her endless willingness to teach us about our possibilities and ourselves. Through sacred silence, we experience the wonders and beauty of the environment more intimately, and we begin to realize that every creature and element of Nature mirrors the magnificence of our own soul.

Source:  This exercise excerpted from Nature-Speak, Ted Andrews.

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How to Refresh Your Browser

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How to Refresh Your Browser

A very short meditation

Close your eyes and shift your focus from
what you were looking at to what you can hear.

As you listen to the sounds around you, without judging
them or even identifying them, breathe deeply.

Then open your eyes and shift your focus back
to what you can see … now with fresh eyes.

You have refreshed your browser.

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