Chakra Healing Energies, Alberto Grollo

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I bought this CD a couple of weeks ago at my old stomping ground off State Street in Madison, WI at Mimosa’s. This is still one of my absolute favorite shops even after living in the Minneapolis area for over 16 years. http://www.mimosaspirit.com/. I love all things Chakra, as you know from my logo! This is an excellent addition to my Chakra CDs! Enjoy!

Description: Chakra Healing Energies reflects two decades of experience as a musician for Alberto Grollo. He has a series of best sellers in music therapy, music perfect to balance the flow of vital energy and unblock the chakras. Each of the chakras is sensitive to a specific musical note and the instrumentation used for this album helps to channel the energy and stimulate the power of chakras. The music of “Chakra Healing Energies” creates a nice ethnic and tribal background and is also great as an accompaniment for therapy and meditation (not to mention yoga!). Guitar, piano, dijeridoo, flute, tabla and African drums create a link between the universal energy and the human body through the doors of the seven chakras.

You can hear the full CD during one of my yoga classes, or listen to clips and purchase it for your own listening pleasure at:


While the above CD is not downloadable from Mimosa’s, for those of you not near Madison, WI, Mimosa is now selling music downloads. They specialize in New Age music, but also offer a variety of World/International music, Drumming/Percussion music, music for relaxation, guided meditations, and more. Mimosa partners with iTunes and offers downloadable media (music, audio books, and more). To browse visit www.MimosaSpirit.com and browse the “Downloadable Media” section of their Website.