Purification Meditation / Surround it in light

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Purification Meditation

This is a powerful, cleansing meditation that rids you of negative or destructive thoughts and thought patterns.  It also allows you to connect with the divine.  Do this meditation in your personalized sacred space, or use this version as a final relaxation meditation at the end of your yoga practice.

Begin by focusing on your breath.  Take a long, deep breath in, feeling the life-giving oxygen flood your body and then leave it, taking away the waste that your body does not need.  Repeat this three times.

Breathe normally and on every out-breath, visualize all of the negativity in your life—harmful and painful emotions, poor self-esteem, the mistakes you have made—leave your body along with your breath.  Visualize your out-breath evaporating as it leaves your body.  Feel yourself free of all the negativity that you have been clinging too.

As you breathe in, feel the pure energy of positive thoughts—all the things you are grateful for—fill you with light.  Maybe it’s your family and friends, maybe it’s some positive goals you have, or a vacation you’ll be going on.  Maybe it’s your yoga practice.  Let these thoughts flow with the oxygen into your lungs, through your bloodstream and into every cell of your body.  This energy brings clarity, wisdom and bliss.  Focus on your light-filled mind and body.  If any thoughts or feelings come to distract you, don’t follow them.  They are simply random thoughts.  Breath them out.  Enjoy this blissful feeling.

All of the negative feelings and thoughts that previously held you back have left you.  Stay focused on your breath for a few minutes.  Take this renewed positive energy with you as you go back to your normal day.

Source:  Adapted from the Crown Chakra Meditation in The Chakra Energy Plan by Anna Selby.

Surround it in light:

“As spring rolls in, we are surrounded by more light from the sun, and it feels good.  Light travels faster than most anything. Whenever you feel overwhelmed by anything, just picture the situation surrounded in light. The act of just focusing in light makes our consciousness clearer. Much the same way it is difficult to see in the dark, it is hard for us to “see” spiritually when we are not in the light.” (From Gary & Andrea Smith’s Weekly Enlighten Up message:  http://www.andreasmithgallery.com/).

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