Restorative and AM Yoga interest?

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At Vita Bella we offer a holistic approach to revitalize your whole being by addressing the mind, body, emotional and spiritual self.  Services include: aromatherapy; brain gym; emotional release; healing touch; massage; yoga; meditation classes; facial exercise classes; skin care; individual, family, couples and group therapy; and poetry therapy.

  • Men’s Yoga—new class offering now available Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Little Canada! Real men DO yoga! I’ve also opened it to their spouses, per their request. Please come join us.
  • Gathering interest for a Restorative Yoga class this fall . Sometimes slowing down the practice, going deeper in poses, and just feeling the restorative power of them does wonders for the body. Restorative Yoga focuses on relaxing the body in restful postures. Note that ‘rest’ is different than sleep. Rest provides the body an opportunity to renew and heal. Countless studies have proven the physical and emotional benefits of this.

    Restorative yoga, as well as other forms of yoga, helps to trigger the Parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for balancing the body and bringing its response system back into equilibrium. Stimulating the PNS helps to lower heart rate, blood pressure; it helps to healthily stimulate the immune system and keep the endocrine system operating healthily.

  • New AM class is forming for the summer. Please contact me if you have an interest in a Wednesday or Thursday AM class before 9 AM .
  • Everything old is new again: The new owner of the retail location on 2013 2nd Avenue in Anoka, MN (the old Spirit River Gallery & Exchange location) is Krista of Krista Artista, www.kristaartistagallery.com. She is one of my students, and has graciously asked me to continue teaching at this location for a Thursday night class after her retail hours. For those interested in a PM class on Thursdays, please contact me for details. Space is limited!

Please contact me if you have an interest: call: (612) 708 6900 or email sandyk@betterdayyoga.com

Please refer to my class schedule link https://betterdayyoga.com/class.htm for class times.

Yoga Party / Yoga to go?

Yes, a yoga party! Yoga birthday parties, yoga cocktail parties, yoga bridal parties, yoga book-club parties—you fill in the blank! If you have space in your home or group meeting place, all you need to do is show up in comfortable clothes, and I bring everything else — the music, candles, incense (if you like that sort of thing), and mats. Now that it’s warm outside, we can even do class outside enjoying nature in all its glory! After a yoga party, people have so much energy, and they communicate with each other at a totally different level. Please call to discuss your perfect stress-relief package!

Other possible services to add to your yoga party—pending availability and provided by my favorite colleagues—include:

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Acupuncture
  • Hand-made jewelry available for purchase

    or I can also add my two other class offerings:

  • Facial exercise/acupressure and self-massage class
  • Meditation/Breathwork class

“When you know what it is you want to create, discover what will cause the effect you desire. What thoughts would you need to be thinking? What feelings would you need to be generating? What actions would you take? What attitude would you hold?”
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