If you are familiar with chakras, then you can tell from my logo that I love chakras.  The rainbow-colored spheres within my logo are representative of the chakra system within the body.

If you are unfamiliar, here’s a quick lesson:  There are seven energy centers called chakras (literally “wheels”) that store energy/life force/prana.  They are along the spinal column and correlate to major nerve ganglia branching forth from the spinal column.  Each has a different relationship to a gland in the body’s endocrine system.  Each stimulates different organs and systems in the body.  Hatha Yoga activates these energy centers releasing the energy that flows through the spine.  Yoga helps these energy centers/nerve bundles to function correctly clearing blocks that may be there.  Each chakra also is associated with a mental/emotional focus.  In each newsletter I’ll highlight how you can work with a particular chakra to correspond with the season.

I chose the third eye chakra this month because it is the center of the true self.  “Your true self will attract unlimited resources, power, and compassion to realize your destiny.”  www.AlohaBay.com Ajna (Third eye chakra) candle for abundance.

This month I focus on creating your own empowerment and magic.  This chakra is also often associated with the color purple/violet—the color of my feathers in the wreath headdress—or indigo blue, the hints of which are in the crow feathers—my magical yoga pose this month.

Creating your own enchanted life by dropping the barriers to your real/ideal/higher self is what the third eye chakra energy teaches us. A healthy third eye chakra means you are the master of yourself.  You show the real you to the world.  You rely on your own energy to manifest your life.  You need no one else’s approval or energy.

As I searched for the image for the third-eye chakra, this one jumped out at me for several synchronistic reasons. The energy of feathers encompasses the throat/communication chakra, as outlined earlier with my purple feather wreath. (Goose feather quills were the first writing elements.)  The yoga poses for the month also activate the communication chakra, and Thoth (the central character in this image) is associated with writing—a form of communication. He is credited with being the inventor of writing in ancient Egypt.

Along with Thoth, appears the symbol for the Goddess Isis (the protective eagle wings at the top of the image). There are those feathers again!  Both Isis and Thoth are Egyptian religious figures and both are associated with magic—this month’s theme.

The Eye of Horus (a powerful symbol of healing and protection in ancient Egypt) completes the image at the bottom—often associated with the “third eye”. The Eye of Horus is also known as the Eye of Ra.  Isis, the mother of Horus, convinced Ra to share his “secret name” which entitled her to receive a complete understanding of high magic.

Meditation activates the third eye chakra. It was during my morning meditation today that I had the insight to incorporate Isis in my newsletter this month, but I wasn’t sure how and dismissed the idea. Then this image for the third-eye chakra popped up in my search.  I knew it was meant to be. I’ve learned to accept these insights I receive as inclinations for which path to follow.  I’ve learned this through my third eye/intuition chakra.

Why Isis?  Along with the Blessed Virgin Mary (my mantra in my morning meditation is the “Hail Mary”/ “Ave Maria” salutation), I believe Quan Yin, Tara, Athena, White Buffalo Woman, Lakshmi, and yes Isis, among others, all embody the “Divine Mother”—the loving, nurturing, magical healing energy. I believe they are different representations of the same energy and embody different forms so they’ll appear in the correct form for you to accept.  We are only open to that which we believe in—yes?  So why wouldn’t “Divine Mother” energy embody many forms for all the world to appreciate?

Knowing that Isis is also known as the “Lady of Magic” was my first thought on how to include her in this month’s newsletter—this newsletter has a magical theme after all.  Then all the other connections came out as I wrote.  It was kismet.  You don’t have to believe me when I say that sometimes I feel the newsletter is dictated to me.

I really had no idea when I woke this morning as to which chakra I would highlight this month.  I wasn’t even sure when I had the inclination to use Isis in the newsletter. I didn’t associate Isis with the third eye chakra. It was the image for the third-eye chakra that tied it all together.

I always burn a candle when I write my newsletters.  Lighting a candle  invites spirit in. I always knew this “intuitively” and have been lighting candles to create a meditative moment for years. I chose the Ajna candle this morning because the quote on it, referenced earlier, echoed the theme in my opener to find your true self by finding what makes you feel magical and empowered. It is a purple candle—the color of my magical feather wreath.  I wondered then if it was a sign to highlight this chakra this month.

Again, I didn’t associate Isis with the third eye chakra.  It was the image for the third eye chakra that tied it all together.  I am still in wonder of it all.

By explaining how I chose this month’s chakra, I’ve explained how to follow your intuition, your third eye.  Being open to receive guidance is the first step.  Learn to honor and respect the flashes of insight you receive.  Don’t discount them as imaginings. Remember sometimes the Universe talks in subtleties.  If you aren’t looking for them, they won’t “land” in you.  They’ll go by unnoticed.  Let me remind you of the Yoga Quote appearing at the top of the newsletter:

“That’s the thing with magic. You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.” ~ Charles de Lint

Your intuition is magic.  Your third eye chakra contains magic!  And it’s all within you!

 —Breathwork and Visualization: 

“Picture Isis standing behind you with her eagle wings extended, as if you have wings yourself.  As you breathe, feel her powers infused within you.  Notice the loving and graceful energy of her strength. Be aware of the blissful feelings of peace as you say:

“Beautiful Isis, goddess of peaceful power, please infuse me with your graceful strength and your loving confidence. Help me be like you:  refined, poised, confident, and loving.  Help me soar like an eagle in all ways.  Inspiring and helping others as I fly high.  Thank you.”

Source:  Archangels and Ascended Masters.  A Guide to Working and Healing with Divinities and Deities, by Doreen Virtue, PhD.


  • I believe I am unlimited in my capacity for joy, healing and happiness.
  • The abundance of the universe is always available to me.
  • I open myself to new energy, new people, places and experiences.
  • I live in the light of my truth and I accept what I know.
  • I know I am full of grace, light and love.
  • I create clarity of mind and unlimited vision for myself.
  • I trust that my life is unfolding exactly as it should.
  • I am wise, intuitive and aligned with my highest good.
  • Every situation is an opportunity for growth and healing.
  • I live in the light of my higher mind and allow it to illuminate my life.
  • I seek wisdom and guidance in all situations.
  • I am the source of truth and love in my life.

Sources:  http://inspirationsatsang.blogspot.com/2010/06/sixth-chakra-affirmations.html

Diet and the Third-eye Chakra: 
Since meditation is the best way to access the sixth chakra, there are some that say the best diet would be less food, or fasting if it’s appropriate for your health. Never fast to lose weight.  (Always check with a doctor before any diet, and especially if you are going to try any type of fasting.)  Other ways of bringing it into balance include eating intentionally, focusing on your food while you are eating, talking about the food you are eating with those you share meals with, etc.

Foods that nourish the sixth chakra include:  Spices such as caraway, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, ginger, nutmeg, turmeric, and many others.  Dark blue/purple foods containing antioxidants which destroy free radicals in the body include eggplant, purple kale, blueberries, figs, plums, purple grapes, raisins, among others.  Black currants (in addition to blueberries already mentioned) are known to benefit the eyes.

Caffeine, chocolate and alcohol can overly stimulate the sixth chakra when consumed to excess.  I know, I know.  I love dark chocolate covered almonds, but there’s something to be said for stopping after a few.

Aromatherapy and the Third-eye Chakra:  Frankincense, Basil (surprisingly relaxing), Holy Basil, lemon, juniper, sandalwood, rosemary, rose geranium, and lavender

If aromatherapy interests you, I use Young Living Essential Oils™ which are therapeutic, food-grade oils.  Please inquire if you are interested in purchasing a favorite scent and I can add your request to my personal monthly order.  Essential oils raise the vibrational frequency of the body. When the vibrational frequency of the body drops, we become more receptive to ill health: http://justalist.blogspot.com/2008/03/vibrational-frequency-list.html. Therapeutic-grade essential oils are great to have in your arsenal of health promoting natural products.

Gem therapy and the Third-Eye Chakra:  Gemstones amplify the energy when placed in contact with your chakras.  For those of you unsure on this subject, consider that it’s scientifically proven that everything is energy.  Nothing is really solid.  Why wouldn’t the energy of a stone work effectively with the energy in our bodies just as some research speculates that the energy of computers, cell phones, and microwaves may affect our bodies?  At the very least, I find that holding a favorite stone is like a talisman for me, or a “worry stone”.  As my favorite author, Wayne Dyer, likes to say, “If it’s a placebo effect, I’ll take two”.

Some Third-Eye Chakra gems are:  Lapis lazuli azurite, sodalite, quartz crystal, diamond, emerald, sapphire, azurite, larimar, amethyst, cat’s eye or tiger’s eye.

If gem therapy interests you, you can find a great selection at www.crystallinelight.com or you can also link to her Web site from my links page at www.betterdayyoga.com.  I’ve known Jennifer, the owner, for many years and love her products!

Yoga poses for the Third Eye Chakra:

All yoga poses are essentially grounding and activate the chakras.  The yoga pose of the month, crow/crane pose—as do all balancing poses—activates the third eye chakra.  They prepare you for meditation. Meditation, visualization, and breathwork/pranayama also activate the third eye chakra.  Other Yoga poses that stimulate the sixth chakra include, headstand prep/dolphin pose, downward facing dog, child’s pose; and if headstand is in your practice, headstand pose.

Image Source:  http://www.algonet.se/~anki-p/anubis-eyes.jpg

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