Yoga and Your Sole and Barefoot Benefits

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How easy is it to fit this into your schedule? Going barefoot outside has many benefits physically, mentally, and energetically, as Laura Cornell shared in her July 23rd email to me:

Yoga and Your Sole

In the warmth of summer, we can go barefoot outside for our Yoga practice and reap great benefits! Physically baring the feet to the Earth is one of the best ways to connect with the life force of the planet, which increases stability and peace and opens us to greater clarity and wisdom.

On an electro-chemical level, standing barefoot on the ground synchronizes our body with the Earth’s electrical potential — we literally become “grounded.” Moisture facilitates the flow of electrons, so finding dewy grass or moss to stand on is ideal. Think of the Chinese doing Tai Chi barefoot on wet grass in the morning! (The book Earthing describes in detail the pain reduction and multiple other benefits that come from balancing our bodies with the electrical potential of the Earth.)

Also, the soles of the feet, just like the palms of the hands, are densely packed with sensory receptors. They love to be touched and massaged, and the input of varying temperature, texture, and pressure on the soles enlivens the energy pathways (nadis) that run through them. So stand barefoot on the Earth, and feel the tingling effects up into the heart.

In India (and throughout Asia, for that matter), taking off shoes and socks is not only a matter of cleanliness in the home and temple, but a sign of entering sacred space. So as you do your Yoga postures outside in bare feet, remember that you are standing on Holy Ground!

Reflection Questions:

1. What makes me feel grounded in my life?
2. How can I open fully to the life force of Mother Earth?
3. What Soul messages do I receive from the Earth when I am most centered?


And more on the same subject from Prevention Magazine:

Barefoot Benefits

Go ahead, kick off your shoes. New studies suggest walking sans shoes in dirt or sand can boost your health in surprising ways

Provocative new research suggests that a practice called earthing—walking around barefoot or putting any body part in direct contact with the ground—may decrease pain and improve heart health. “You’re absorbing the earth’s negatively charged electrons,” says Stephen Sinatra, MD, earthing researcher and cardiologist. “They act similarly to antioxidants, balancing out positive free radicals that contribute to inflammation.” Just 20 minutes of earthing eases pain and inflammation; 40 minutes begins to reduce blood viscosity—thick blood may lead to heart attacks and strokes in vulnerable people, suggests Dr. Sinatra’s research. To enjoy these benefits, go shoeless in your garden or wiggle your toes in the sand.

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