New to Yoga

Beginner’s Yoga and Yoga 1.0

When you begin your Yoga student journey, it is important to learn a few of the basics before jumping into a class. Our instruction makes your first classes easier to follow and understand. Read about our new student options below.

Also, please download, print, sign, and bring your Healthcare Bill of Rights Form available here.

For those brand new to yoga, I recommend taking my “Yoga 1.0” class:

  • 15-minute discussion with 60 minute Yoga Class.
  • Covers the basics of yoga including basic poses, breathwork, and how to use props.
  • This six-class session will give you the basic tools to feel comfortable with your yoga practice.

For those new to Yoga who don’t want as much detail as Yoga 1.0, I offer “Beginner’s Yoga”:

  • Basic poses/modifications and proper breathing taught in class.
  • Use of props used when appropriate.
  • Options to modify are always offered! No worries!
  • This six-class session will give you the basic tools to feel comfortable with your yoga practice.

The least you need to know when participating in a yoga class is:

  • Wear comfortable clothing

  • You’ll need a Yoga Mat and bare feet—Yoga mats are available for class use if you don’t bring your own.

  • You may need/desire props: Blocks, Straps, and Blankets are available for class use.

  • You may want to bring your own towel.

  • Your last meal or snack should have been consumed at least 90 minutes prior to practicing Yoga, some say two to three hours.

  • Please bring your own water bottle.

  • Health considerations—there are certain medical conditions that prohibit certain poses. Please talk to your doctor about positions inappropriate for you.

If you are interested in bringing Better Day Yoga to your location, please contact me to discuss!

Kind Words

Sandy is a very patient, calming and encouraging yoga instructor. She does an excellent job of accommodating the poses to where you are at. I highly recommend her. She’s great!” 

Stacey Freeborg-Junge


“Sandy is a wonderful yoga instructor. As a beginner student I have really appreciated her patience as well as her ability to work with students at all levels. She is a true gem and I love her sunny disposition! ”

Michele Schramm

Student & Colleague