“I took many yoga classes with Sandy and some other classes with others. By far Sandy is the best yoga instructor I have worked with. She is fun, hard working and cares about each of her clients. She works with any ailments and issues you have going on. She is serious about her work and always makes sure we have a laugh or two while working hard. I unfortunately moved and have a health issue that has stopped me from doing yoga. I miss it so much, I always felt so good after her classes. If I could again, I would totally start up again. Sandy has a huge heart and truly takes her job seriously. She makes sure you are doing what’s best for you as not everyone can do the same things. Keep up the great work Sandy. I miss you.”

“I was having trouble losing weight and had no energy when my friend suggested that I try a yoga class at Better Day Yoga.  After my very first class I could tell that this was what I had been looking for and needed.  Sandy takes the time to make sure that you are doing everything correctly and that you are getting the most out of each and every class.  Over the past year, I have lost 55+ pounds and have so much energy.  I feel stronger and my stress level has also gone down. I look forward to class each week and recommended that you try it.”

“Sandy comes to my office and we yoga together each Monday to start my week off with peace, focus, and great body work. I highly recommend her!”

Ingrid Conely

“Sandy is passionate about yoga and shares that passion with others as she leads her class. She is an expert in the correct poses and gently teaches the art of flow. Her music is wonderful and changes with each class. Sandy gives more than instruction though, she gives of herself and creates an environment of safety and caring. I feel that participation in her class is a privilege, she is so inviting as she shares herself and the discipline of yoga with us.”

“Had an amazing relaxing and rejuvenating time at the Better Day Yoga LLC class this morning. Sandy made my journey from home practice into the class setting an easy one. I was particularly interested in her background in trauma informed yoga and she certainly delivered. She took care in asking rather than telling people to move into poses. She would also ask before placing a blanket under you or placing her hands on you. At times people who have undergone trauma prefer not to be touched and I could sense that she kept things like this in her mind. Her fun, kind demeanor and clear experience in managing trauma and bodily pain make me feel comfortable recommending her here on my page. Hoping to continue working with Sandy in the future and also to continue enjoying the beautiful venue where this set of classes is held (Nola Bistro & Lounge). I’ll attempt to make it to next weeks class on Thursday at 10 if you’d like to join me.”

Lisa Aspinwall

“So good to see you. Thank you for inviting me to your public class! I’ve been waiting a long time for this to happen. I am so grateful to attend your yoga classes. It worked out and I’m happy about that. I haven’t found another yogi that has made my spirit feel so relaxed and refreshed. I literally become grounded and recharged spiritually.”

Krysia Nagel

“Sandy-loving, kind , very accommodating to my needs, became my friend and family. She lights up the room with her smile and makes our yoga class fun.
I greatly look forward to a weekly class.
We’re also Polish buddy’s, love ❤️ you girl.”

Stacy Freeborg-Junge

“Sandy is a very patient, calming and encouraging yoga instructor. She does an excellent job of accommodating the poses to where you are at. I highly recommend her. She’s great!” 

Gretchen Kirvida

“I have only recently joined your yoga group and will admit, initially I was rather apprehensive about joining a “traditional, experienced” yoga class. I soon realized that your approach is very supportive, individually paced, reassuring, and instructive in a way that is adaptable to each of us at our own level of experience. I had not had years of yoga classes and do not consider myself an athletic or work-out guru, but I have valued the opportunity to achieve more physical balance, stretching, mind-body connection, meditative consciousness, and holistic education. I appreciate that you are able to allow each of us to progress at our own pace, sensitive to our physical limitations. I also appreciate the ability to improve my physical health in the calming and compassionate environment which you provide. You have given us the added benefit of understanding why we do the things we do, what the physical benefits are for us, which enables us to value the teaching you provide. Thank you!”

Elizabeth Kooser

“Sandy is a highly trained, professional and friendly yoga instructor. I have been taking yoga from her for about a year and look forward to her class each week. She is easy to understand, helps each student work at their own pace and provides options with just about every pose. I highly recommend her classes!”

Michele Schramm

“Sandy is a wonderful yoga instructor. As a beginner student I have really appreciated her patience as well as her ability to work with students at all levels. She is a true gem and I love her sunny disposition! She made yoga a fun and very beneficial experience for me. I have also had the privilege to work with Sandy as a colleague. She is a supportive team player and a delight to work with!”

Judith Pieper

“Over thirty years ago, I had taken several Yoga classes and really enjoyed them. Then, a few years ago, I had the opportunity to join a Yoga class with Sandy as the instructor and really appreciated the gentle, friendly, kind, open, loving way she teaches.

Now, I wanted to join a Yoga class and sought Sandy out even though I could have taken Yoga at the two fitness centers I am a member of. I was very happy to find that Sandy is teaching a class that I could join. Her caring, sweet, considerate temperament is wonderful! She is an outstanding knowledgeable teacher. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Yoga instructor who has the qualities I have mentioned.”

Susie Schuh

“Ever since joining Better Day Yoga I have an improved sense of energy. I am much more in tune to my health, including both mind and body. Better Day Yoga has motivated me to take more time for myself and my health. Previously, I have not been on an exercise routine. Since starting my new job, which has a much improved work/life balance, and joining Better Day Yoga, I can now proudly say, “Yes, I exercise”! I now strive to exercise for 30-90 minutes five times a week. I look forward to additional goals that I will set in the future and milestones to accomplish. This is just the start to an open road ?

Thank you for your guidance, instruction and inspiration!”


The class last night was fun and very interesting. Thanks. *I also slept quite nice last night.  I’ve been having restless nights for about a week so I finally got some shut eye.  I guess I need to meditate more, huh…! “


“Hi Sandy
I just had to remind you…What Blessing you are in my life.
I missed almost one year of class while my husband was ill. And now after being back for only two classes (so far), I realize how much I need you.
Each time I came away from the last two classes I felt so uplifted. Sandy, you truly have a gift. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing it with me.

God Bless You Sweet Sandy,

Carol Gallivan

“Sandy is a 5 star yoga teacher! I have been going to Sandy’s yoga class for more than 2 years. She guides us through our practice whatever our ability or limitation. No one feels like they “can’t do yoga”. She has the knowledge to help us gain the flexibility and strength we are looking for. We have all become a better version of ourselves.”

Shannon Meyer

“Sandy delivers yoga that is personalized to every person in the class- she always finds a way to make it work for you. I still hear comments from co-workers that had attended her class that Sandy’s class was the best, and I have to agree!”

Pat Sauer

“Sandy is unlike any other yoga teacher. She brings her whole self to each and every class and to each and every person in the class. She takes each student exactly where they are and helps them by modifying poses to accommodate each of their particular needs no matter the age or particular affliction. She lovingly uses her beautiful gifts and talents to benefit the health of each individual in the class. Besides all the yoga benefits, she generously shares herself, her experiences, and her knowledge with us. I am personally grateful for all she has done to bring health and peace to me and all my fellow students.”