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Better Day Yoga Classes Available at your Next Event

Meditation / Breathwork “How-To” Class

Learn how to de-stress and rejuvenate with several basic types of meditation including general awareness, breath, guided meditation, object focus meditation, and more! Come learn how to use your breath to center your mind, experience a guided visualization, start to develop your own meditation practice that works for you, and receive several take-home practices. While this class is broken down into two evenings, each evening can serve as a stand-alone class, pending a four-person minimum.

Some benefits of Meditation include:

  • Helps you detach from the negative emotions and see the event as “transitory” and not a major part of your life. They’ll no longer overwhelm you.
  • Helps you stop being carried away by regrets, frustrations, and anger whether they are from your past, present or future.
    Has a positive effect on stress-related illness, immune function, chronic or terminal illness, cardiovascular and respiratory functions (high blood pressure/heart problems etc.) and brain chemistry.

What students have said:

“The class last night was fun and very interesting. Thanks.

I also slept quite nice last night. I’ve been having restless nights for about a week so I finally got some shut-eye. I guess I need to meditate more, huh…! “ – Jan


Facial Exercises, Acupressureand Self-Massage Workshop

Turn back the hands of time and learn some basic facial exercises that add muscle tone and a fresh glow to your complexion—and have a lot of fun in the process! No needles, or chemicals involved.

Be prepared to touch your own face (deciding whether you want to wear make-up to class is up to you!). We’ll also cover facial acupressure points and self-massage techniques.

The benefits of facial exercises are many:


Improved skin appearance


Healthy glow to the face resulting from the extra blood flow​


Improved circulation in the face


Increased skin tone

15 Facial exercises we’ll cover in a full class:


One for the overall face


Two for the cheeks (one overlaps with the eyes)


Three for the Nose (they keep growing you know!)


Four for the Chin/Neck


Six for the Eyes

Bring a vibrant new glow to your complexion!

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We have a wide variety of other events available:
If you have a location where you’d like to hold a Meditation/Breathwork, Facial Exercise, or even a Yoga Party/Yoga to go class, please let me know!

Past Events

Women Veteran’s Conference 2017, 2018

Sandy had the honor and privilege of participating at the Women Veteran’s Conference.


Salute to Women Veterans 2016

All women who have served or are currently serving in the US Armed Forces, from all branches and eras, are invited to a Salute to Women Veterans.


A Taste of Wellness: Retreat for Women Veterans 2015

Women veterans face unique challenges in their lives, often carrying stress, grief numbness and anxiety in their spirits and in their bodies.

Salute to Women Veterans 2015

Better Day Yoga is exhibiting with Holistic Health Practitioners! Keynote Speaker: Peggy Moon, 1st woman American Legion Department of Minnesota Commander and first ever female chair of the Commander’s Task Force.

Holistic Health Fair & Service Sampler 2015

Refresh, Recharge, Renew, Restart – Whatever your health goals for 2015, stop on by our health fair where you’re sure to find resources to help!


Kind Words

“Sandy is a wonderful yoga instructor. As a beginner student I have really appreciated her patience as well as her ability to work with students at all levels. She is a true gem and I love her sunny disposition! She made yoga a fun and very beneficial experience for me. I have also had the privilege to work with Sandy as a colleague. She is a supportive team player and a delight to work with!”

Michele Schramm

Student & Colleague

“Sandy K has a winning personality. She knows the value of a smile thus she is excellent working with/for/managing people. Her ability to organize, communicate and produce positive results sets her apart from her peers. I would have her back anytime.”

David & Diane Schlichting

Corporate Associate