Click the link below to download your free Chakra-Balancing Loving Kindness Meditation!


This is my own personal version of a chakra-balancing loving kindness meditation. It’s one of the several take-home practices covered in my meditation /breathwork “how to” workshop available as an in-home class or on-site corporate workshop.

Studies show Loving kindness meditation (LKM) enables you to become more satisfied with your life and experience fewer symptoms of depression.

By practicing a daily LKM you’re practicing creating positive emotions such as love, joy, gratitude, contentment, hope, pride, interest, amusement and awe. This increases mindful attention, self-acceptance, positive relations with others, and good physical health. I notice that when I practice this meditation regularly, it lifts me up on days when I’m feeling less than and empowers me to believe in myself. I literally feel more grounded, focused, and have more energy.

In just an hour or so each week LKM enhances a wide range of positive emotions in a wide range of situations, especially when interacting with others. This allows you to build a more satisfying, fulfilling life. Are you in?  Here we go!