This month I’ve talked about the roots knowing your history can give you. Your ancestors can be your oasis from the storm, your strength. I purchased this CD at my last YogaFit mind/body conference this past June. These trainings and my YogaFit friends are my oasis. Let the music on this CD be your oasis. Enjoy!


“Enjoy the NEW ZEN CAFÉ 11 ~ OASIS… Chill tracks for slow flow yoga and restorative/ therapeutic classes. Produced by Beth Shaw, this CD marks the first custom CD released by Beth after a long silence.
Oasis was inspired by the crashing waves and crisp air of Northern California, the stillness of the Hills of Beverly at dawn and the strong chilled state that a slower practice creates. It’s a beautiful collection of tunes that are Three Mountain® formatted and will be lovely addition to your Zen Cafe series. Create your own Oasis in your classes, car and home with Zen 11 Oasis. This CD is three mountain formatted. No need to change out your music for 60-75 minute classes.”