Mudra means “seal” in Sanskrit. It’s a symbolic or ritual gesture using primarily the hands. Each position is believed to have a specific effect. Specific positions can lead to specific states of consciousness symbolized by the hand positions. For example, if a person frequently and with feeling does a position of fearlessness, they will also be freed from fearfulness in time. Mudras are said to engage areas of the brain and/or soul influencing them, sometimes physically, by their use—not unlike an affirmation, or reflexology for that matter.

While the holiday season is a time of much joy, it can also create tension in the body and zap our energy as we all try to fit so much extra activity into our daily schedule.  This is a great mudra for this time of year—both physically for those of us experiencing sinus issues, and emotionally for those of us experiencing tension during the holidays.  The Mahasirs Mudra is used to help give relief for head-related afflictions in particular, and said to relieve all tensions.


  1. It is very useful for migraine.
  2. It relives your eyes from straining. It reduces the mucous congestion.
  3. It relieves from back pain.
  4. Balances energy
  5. Quiets the senses and calms the emotions

How to:

Touch the tip of thumb with the tips of index and middle fingers. Keep your ring finger into the fold of the thumb and stretch the little finger.  Do the mudra with both hands.  Hold as long as necessary—some recommends 20 minutes, some say three times every day for six minutes.


The following meditation is to be practiced while holding the Mahasirs Mudra. Headaches have a great variety of causes and can hardly be made to disappear once and for all with one single mudra. Frequently, weather influences or tension in the eyes, neck, back, or pelvis are at fault; or there are problems with the sinuses or digestion. All of this can result in too much energy being focused on the head, and this leads to tension that causes pain in the head. In order to release this tension, it is important to direct consciousness into other body parts abdomen, feet, or hands.

Begin with some deep breathing to center and focus.  While exhaling, imagine that waves of energy are flowing down from your head through your neck, back, arms, and legs, and leaving through your hands and feet. After a while, imagine that your head is clear, cool, clean, and light. In conclusion, stroke your face with spread fingers and enjoy the feeling for a while.

I have a free, light, clear, and cool head.