I love affirmations and use “oracle” decks to provide a positive boost in the morning or whenever I need a lift.  It’s my way of telling the Universe I’m open to listening to their message:  “Have at it!”  “I’m listening!”  “Tell me more!”  I hope you enjoy as I introduce some of my favorite cards and quotes in my newsletters!  These make great gifts for any occasion as well as can be used as inspirational hand-outs in class if you are a yoga instructor.

I featured “KUNDALINI BLESSING ORACLE CARDS”, from Gurudarshan Khalsa in my May 2011 newsletter.  She used my newsletter to highlight her cards on another Kundalini Yoga website Spirit Voyage.  My love affair with her works continues this month with the next Kundalini Blessings deck produced by Gurudarshan Khalsa! called “Innerspeak™” created by Jean Adrienne.


InnerSpeak™ Cards are Today’s Tool For Clearing, Releasing & Healing Karmic Blocks!  Are you ready to break free from old programs, belief systems and repeating behaviors that sabotage your success in any area of your life? This tool helps you figure out where you set these blocks up so that you can let them go once and for all time. This 72 card deck comes with an instruction booklet to guide you through the clearing process, but they are more than a deck of cards – they are a complete modality for releasing karmic blocks from this lifetime, past lives and your ancestors.

The book explains how to use the cards.  It starts with an important element to using these cards—surrender. Without surrender, the cards will not be effective. You are advised to surrender to your Higher Power, Spirit or God/Goddess and ask for help in looking at what needs to be cleared for your highest and best good and the highest and best good of all.  After you have said a little prayer or set your intention to release the block, you can choose your cards.

All the colors are used except for the Indigo cards which are only used if the Red card—the “SOURCE” card—reflects a Past Life card.  You pull at least one card from each of the other colors with two cards pulled from Orange and three cards pulled from Green.

  • The two Orange cards reflect what/who SET UP the block.  That’s how you start your “excavation” of your block.
  • It moves on to the Yellow cards which tell you the effect the SET UP “traumas” had on the SOURCE of your block—ie the source of your block had a trauma and that trauma affected them.  The Yellow cards explain that. 
  • The Blue cards indicate the belief that is now stuck inside of your Inner Self because of the block and any associated SOUL REACTIONS.
  • The three Green cards give you instructions on removing your blocks—like a visualization or a prayer.

One of my instructions, for example, recommended calling in an angel and asking for help.  The booklet suggested you can ask your Guardian Angel or one of the Archangels.  “They are always waiting to assist us but they never interfere in our free will unless we call upon them.  They are overjoyed to help us when we ask!”  I chose Archangel Michael.  My Dad was a “Michael” and I have always had a strong connection to Archangel Michael as a result.  (Recall from the opening section that in Poland they name their children for the saint’s feast day closest to your date of birth.  My Dad was named after Archangel Michael.) The booklet has further clarification on the cards as well.

  • Finally, the Violet card is pulled as your blessing for having completed all three Green card “clearing” instructions.  Mine, for example, was “Angel Blessing— Centeredness & Calmness ~ Enabling You to See and Accomplish Your Purpose.”  It was like getting a warm hug and soothing pat on the head from the Universe.

The very first time I used these cards, I had immediate tears as the “reading” unfolded.  Sometimes you think you know your block, but to have it explained to you can create emotions you didn’t know existed; and they release.  Seriously, this was just a few minutes and the cards unearthed “something” deep inside.  They get to the heart of the matter very quickly.  If you’re a fan of my “Featured card/deck section” you know I have a whole heck of a lot of cards.  These cards are unlike most of the cards I own because they are more interactive and personal.  You work on something holding you back and it gives you steps to take to help remove and overcome that.  Very powerful!

I didn’t feel the need to ask for further clarification on any of the cards that presented themselves.  They were that spot-on for me.  If you want more information or clarification, she even suggests a couple of options to try such as muscle testing or the use of a pendulum.

She ends with another “Very Important!” note:  “It is gratitude that actually accomplishes a clearing.  Always thank your Angels and Guides, as well as your Higher Power when you have completed a session with these cards!  Additionally, visualize how the clearing of the block looks in your life.  Feel it, smell, and taste it.  Create for yourself now, the reality you desire in your mind—own it with every one of your senses.”

In my first newsletter, I highlighted one of my favorite decks—a wonderfully whimsical, inspiring, thought-provoking Enrichuals© deck, created by local author, artist and creativity coach, Suzanne Vadnais Monson.  Refer to the November newsletter archive for a sample card.  Suzanne has graciously agreed to let me make them available on Better Day Yoga’s product page online!  https://betterdayyoga.com/products.htm