Real Relaxation Yoga Nidra CD by Julie Lusk

This month I suggested using Final Relaxation / Savasana as your magic portal—opening to the magic available to you when you find deep relaxation. In the “Meditation On The Go” section, I highlighted Yoga Nidra / Yogic Sleep as a way to take Savasana further and I mentioned Julie Lusk’s Yoga Nidra CD, Real Relaxation, highlighted here. In the “Healthy News” section you’ll find some answers to frequently asked questions about Yoga Nidra compliments of Julie Lusk’s PDF referenced there, along with a link to the full PDF.

I have used many of Julie Lusk’s resources!  I have been teaching for four years. In all that time, the one final relaxation meditation that has consistently been remembered and re-requested by many of my student’s as their “all time” favorite meditation is Julie Lusk’s “The Pond of Love” from her Yoga Meditations book as well as from her 30 Scripts for Relaxation, Imagery & Inner Healing   –  Vol.  2. I’ve had more than one student comment that they “go back there often” in their minds.

Here’s a brief description of this magical meditation:

Pond of Love

“In this script, participants sit beside an imaginary pond that radiates love. Endless

variations can be created by substituting different characteristics and virtues

radiating from the pond. For instance, the pond may be full of peace,

understanding, or forgiveness. You may also want to let participants choose the

characteristics on their own.”

Julie’s Relaxation, Guided Imagery and Meditation CD’s are being used by:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Wellness Community
  • Virginia Tech
  • Avon
  • Good Samaritan Hospital
  • St. Elizabeth Medical Center
  • Lewis-Gale Medical Center
  • Jamaican Cancer Society
  • Cancer Family Care
  • Ronald MacDonald House
  • Mary Maguire Foundation
  • More

    The Real Relaxation Yoga Nidra” CD offers a one hour yoga nidra. As I write this, I am experiencing the desire to do a yoga nidra myself, having had a restless night. As mentioned in the “healthy news” section and in the benefit bullets below:“Though it’s not a substitute for sleeping, one hour of yoga nidra equals about 4 hours of typical sleep because the brain wave state we’re in is extremely restful and relaxing.”  (Great PDF for finding out more about Yoga Nidra!)
    Your body needs this type of relaxation! Practice yoga nidra often!

    Product Description:

    This CD takes you into a deeply relaxing and powerful state of being fully aware while being in the state of deep sleep.

    Its many benefits include:

    • Listening for 1 hour equals 4 hours sleep
    • Improves immunity
    • Increases heart health
    • Relieves stress
    • Brings inner peace and balance

    About the author:  Julie has dedicated her efforts to helping others attain stress relief, wellness and holistic health through yoga, meditation and guided imagery.

    Julie has a Master’s in Education from Virginia Tech.  She is a National Certified Counselor and Registered/Certified Yoga Teacher.  Julie was a Licensed Professional Counselor in Virginia for 20 years.

    Julie has taught yoga since 1977 and is certified to teach a variety of styles ranging from gentle to vigorous yoga.  Yoga Alliance awarded her the highest credential available.  She teaches locally, nationally and is a teacher trainer.

    Her previous careers include Regional Director, Mercy Holistic Health and Wellness Centers (Cincinnati, OH), Assistant Dean of Students of Roanoke College (Salem, VA) and Director of Health Management, Lewis-Gale Clinic (Salem, VA).

    Julie’s volunteer efforts in community health promotion earned recognition from the US Surgeon General and the Governor of Virginia.