I was listening to this CD as I wrote parts of my newsletter when it suddenly dawned on me I haven’t highlighted this CD in my newsletter yet! It has been one of my favorite CDs for some time. My favorite artist on here is the soothing voice of Krishna Das featured on the second song, Devi Puja, as well as the10th and final song, Mantra. I sometimes listen to these two songs repeatedly—letting them loop over and over and over. The eighth song honors the chakra focus for this newsletter:  Swadhishthana. Cyndi Lee gathered this unique collection. Enjoy!

Om Yoga Mix 2

Product Description: “Cyndi Lee, founder of NYC’s legendary OM yoga Center, once again brings her eclectic tastes and offbeat perspective to yoga music with OM yoga Mix 2, a new collection of inspiring music perfect for everything from home practice to dinner parties. Blending a soothing mix of dance, world grooves, trance, and New American music, the CD captures the playful, nurturing teaching style of Lee.”