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Over the last few weeks, my blog series has focused on simple ways to incorporate Ayurveda into your life. Here’s a brief overview of what we covered along with the links, in case you missed them:

The Science of Life: How to hone and own your best assets

(Finding out what your “energetic personality” is or “dosha”—this was the introductory blog in my last newsletter email.)

Getting in Sync with nature

(The Ayurvedic clock and how living in sync with nature’s rhythms enhances your health)

The Taste of Life

(What to eat for your dosha, season and age)

Daily Routine Supports a Healthy Life

(Daily activities to enhance health and calm stress)


This newsletter blog will give you some suggestions on how to use your intuition to invite magic into your life—in honor of the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day celebration—you know, the wee folk and all!


How to use your intuition

to invite magic into your life!


I’ve always said if I weren’t Polish, I’d want to be Irish! My regular readers know this is one of my favorite topics as I’ve touched upon magic many times, in particular during the March timeframe in honor of St. Patrick’s Day! (Peruse my archived newsletters. Some photos and links may no longer be active as time has passed and is also short! Thanks for your patience! One of favorite ones on this topic is from 2011.)

Let me open with some positive affirmation quotes:

  • You are exactly where you are meant to be
  • Trust that life is giving you exactly what you need practice in

There’s a concept in Eastern philosophy (one of the modules in my current Ayurveda training) referred to as Dharma. This refers to “what you are compelled to do” and invites you to step into your courage and do it.

Dharma suggests we ask ourselves “Am I simply following the wishes of my ego or actually what I’ve been called to do?” We’ve all wondered what we want to be when we grow up, right? That is if you’ve decided to grow up! Frankly I think growing up is way over-rated! I like the quote: “Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional”, as well as “We don’t stop having fun because we’re growing old, we grow old because we stop having fun.”

The idea of having fun as we grow in life is part of your Dharma, isn’t it? If you aren’t compelled to do something, you aren’t passionate about it. So you’re probably not really enjoying yourself! Maybe you chose what you considered a “stable” path. I think many of us did, including myself—early on. That may have been ego talking—“I need stability. This is a respectable career.” Yes I know, I know. I can hear you already! As George Bailey famously says on “It’s a Wonderful Life” when his guardian angel Clarence chastises him about his desperate need for money: “It comes in pretty handy down here, bub!” I get it.

But what about your passion? There’s nothing wrong with pursuing that too; and if you’re lucky enough, the two will meet and you’ll have a career that you’re passionate about. I may be over quoting here but “Do what you love and the money will follow.” Or at least what you need will follow.

Do you trust that you are where you’re meant to be? Do you have faith that the Universe is on your side? I sometimes fall down the rabbit hole too. It’s usually when I haven’t been meditating regularly!

Well wherever you are, you’re probably meant to be unless you’re really not connected to nature. Did you get that? –Connected to nature! (Okay I just wrote about that in my last blog series!)

So do you trust the Universe? Because stress can stop that trust. When we’re stressed, we aren’t listening to our inner guidance. We’re on fight/flight mode, right? So that is step one to inviting magical moments in:

  • Get yourself into rest and relaxation mode regularly!

I wrote about simple rituals to invite Spirit back into your life in my previous blog series. As a trauma-informed yoga teacher, stress is my wheelhouse! Finding time for gentle movement with breath should be your go-to whenever you find yourself going down. And ritual is the way to make it a habit!

Want to know one of the benefits of practicing mindful yoga, meditation or any other mind/body practice? As you hone in on what’s going on in your mind and body you are developing your intuition—your gut instincts. You are connected to nature! That’s step two!

  • Start to listen to your gut instincts

Pay attention to your gut. It’s always communicating with the brain and it’s always telling us the right thing to do. (See my trauma-informed brochure for a bit more on the Vagus Nerve which has been in the news quite a bit. It’s the longest cranial nerve stretching from the brainstem all the way into the belly, carrying incoming information from the nervous system to the brain. Literally the mind-body connection!)

Consider this—if you kept giving your best friend much needed advice over and over (and over); and they never listened to you or took your advice, wouldn’t you stop giving the advice? If you consistently don’t listen to your intuition, it will quit talking to you. Maybe you’re drowning it out with worrisome thoughts or a never-ending to-do list, or lack of sleep. Back to stress management techniques!

So there’s step three! Show the Universe you’re listening!

  • Now start to actually put action behind what your intuition is telling you!

Yes, sometimes those actions can be big, bold and out of your comfort zone—quitting your job, accepting a job offer, or starting a new career all together like I did! My comfort zone was definitely beyond that decision at the time! So I started it as a side-thing. You might try something you love as a hobby or part-time. Maybe that’s enough. No one said that doing what you love always meant doing it as your full time job! Start incrementally. THAT let’s your intuition know you’re listening and it will send you more!

Maybe you’re not sure how to listen to your intuition, or even sure it’s talking to you. That’s step four!

  • Ask it questions just before you go to sleep and see what answers you might get between sleep and awake.

That’s Theta waves at work! Theta wave brain states occur most often in sleep but meditation and exercising “in the flow state zone” can also create theta waves. Working with this state improves our intuition as well as our creativity (remember Einstein formed the theory of relativity from a dream). For a bit more on using this technique, read my past blog on how I chose my business name, Better Day Yoga (also written for a March blog). So have you been half asleep, and have you heard voices? Insert Kermit the Frog here!

You may still be wondering if this intuition thing really works. You might feel awkward about it or maybe you’re normally left-brained and analytical; and this just seems a bit woo-woo. Well I’ll end with step five!

  • Start to notice the synchronicities and the Universe will send you more.

Start to keep a diary of all the coincidences, synchronicities and kismet moments that happen in your life. When you start to write them down, this action dovetails with step number 3 above! The Universe takes note and starts to become very prolific! Reread your diary regularly to remind yourself just how much the Universe is listening to you. I promise you you’ll be amazed and humbled!

Natural, spontaneous synchronicities and intuitive insights happen when you’re connected to the harmony of the Universe—to Nature. And just remember…

Social Media may be coming your way

I’ve been consulting with a social media guru who desperately recommends I start doing Facebook live videos. Another friend who’s savvy in that area recommends only a couple minute’s worth to keep your attention. I am dwelling on this option. What do you think? PLEASE let me know! (As I update this in 2023, I have not ventured into this area…yet. Fear? Maybe. Stay-tuned.)

If I move forward on this and you’re interested in being kept in the loop, please like my Better Day Yoga Facebook page! I promise to be brief, informative and hopefully entertaining! So that’s part of my dwelling process! Any suggestions?

Resuming blog series 

I’m holding off on a blog series for March because my schedule this month is quite erratic and overbooked! So I can’t commit to four blogs this month, but will do my best to write when I can! As is my norm, the rest of March’s blogs will be posted on my blog page here —the same page you go to for the current newsletter which IS sent via email once a month or so. They will also be found on my Better Day Yoga Facebook page here , as well as on my Instagram page here and my LinkedIn account here.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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