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Last month I wrote about my desire to connect deeper with my grandmothers’ spirits. Recapping, I haven’t met any of my grandparents and I don’t even have a photo of my maternal grandparents. They’ve all since passed. I only have the knowing that my mom and her sister look very similar and I look a lot like my mom so my grandmother must also have looked similar. Makes sense, right?

This lack of a photo hasn’t stopped me from feeling connected to Sophia, my maternal grandmother, after attempting to reconstruct her life to get to know her better a few years ago. As I mentioned last month, she sent a beautiful sign just after I completed writing which felt to me like a “thank you” from beyond for placing myself in her shoes for a day.

It was this magical, mysterious “message” that let me know like I know like I know her spirit heard me. What else could it have been? THIS was too big to be brushed aside as mere coincidence. Sometimes you just know. Sometimes you just have to have faith.

Last month’s writing was my way of approaching the doorway to both grandmothers again to let them know I’m open, I’m here and I’m waiting to receive any kind of connection or sign I can. Without letting someone know you’re interested in getting to know them better, you’ll never progress very far in the relationship, right?

Typically I look for signs between sleep and awake (see the story on how I named my business in the archives highlighted at the top)—or during my more vivid dreams. So this is where I was expecting some sort of communication after my last writing.

I had to chuckle when my husband shared with me the very next morning he had an unusual dream about HIS relatives who have passed. He grew up on a farm in northern Indiana and had many relatives from the Chicagoland area.

In times past, friends and family would either just stop by on a weekend or sometimes they’d call just before they did. (If you want a very humorous recollection of this practice look up the YouTube on “when the doorbell rings”. You won’t regret it.) Since the drive to the farm from Chicago was a about two hours, they’d typically get a call announcing their desire to come over to make sure someone would be home on “the farm”. Several cars would come in one visit. It was a real treat. Great memories were made here and they’re held close to the heart.

You see, their farm was the central gathering place and my husband’s mom and dad were at the heart of their visits. The Krzyzanowski farm has proudly been in the family for over 100 years. The Krzyzanowski land holds the spirit of the family.

Times have changed. Impromptu visits are sadly a thing of the past now. His parents are no longer living nor are many of the relatives who would make the drive from Chicago. But their spirits—now that’s another story!

In my husband’s dream, we were in our current house in the bedroom (nothing strange—just in the bedroom. A room which only the closest of relatives would be invited to see, right? I took this location as an indication of our doors being open to our closest relatives). Many of my husband’s close relatives from yesteryear came over and entered into our bedroom just to say hello and have a visit. They came to see us!

There were aunts and uncles from both sides of the family. Several relatives he hadn’t seen in decades were in this dream—many of which I’d never met in our almost 37 years of marriage. They all piled in the room for a visit and almost as quickly as they came, they announced it was time to go now that they’d visited. His story brought a smile to my face because I knew just how important these relatives were to him and how much joy their visits brought to his whole family growing up on the farm.

So in his dream when it was our house that became the central gathering place, the memory of deep family ties from a generation since passed filled his eyes with tears at the recollection. I know he was honored to be their destination, and more than a bit humbled by it.

When he shared this story with me the day after I put out to the ethers that, yes, I’d like to have a deeper relationship with my deceased grandmothers, I was reminded how much words and wishes have power. And how much our relatives must really want to connect. They’re always there, standing behind us, just waiting for us to be aware of their presence and to know they still have so much to share with us if we only ask.

And that, dear readers, is something you can count on.


Mom and Dad Krzyzanowski


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