A Time for Connecting With Spirit

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite a while since my last newsletter! I’ve been regrouping since the pandemic as well as a hip replacement (No worries—my amazing surgeon says I can do whatever I want and I’ve been teaching without restrictions!). How about you? If you’re receiving this newsletter, you signed up for it in the past. So I thank you for still being here!

As we approach the end of October, my thoughts go toward my ancestors and the opportunity to connect with them more deeply. The last week of October is known as a time when the veil between the spirit world and our physical world thins. I’ve always been a believer in using the energies I have at the ready, letting any doubt I might have stay on the back-burner. So if this is a time when I’m supposed to be able to say hi to my mom and dad easier, then yes, I’m going to take advantage of that!

Remember in the old days (in the days of land-lines and long distance charges) when it was cheaper to call after a certain hour or on weekends? Money is an energy we use to exchange for goods. We chose to use less energy to connect, right? Well this is really no different, is it? If it’s supposed to take less energy to reach our relatives on the other side, then let’s do that! And if it’s placebo, I’ll take two!

Many cultures have considered the “between times”—the time between sleep and awake, dawn and dusk, or any time that is neither one nor the other—“times of greatest inspiration and power” when “You will find yourself more effective in all of your activities.” Animal Speak, Ted Andrews. These times are tools we can and should use. The end of October is sometimes referred to as “Samhain”, which translates as “summer’s end”. It’s considered a portal of a sacred time and of great power.

So let’s combine our time between sleep and awake and the current thinning of the veil, shall we? Ask a question to or ask for a message from the Universe before you fall asleep and continue asking until you sense an answer just before you wake up—or as you’re waking up. For me, the answer can come in an unusual syntax that has so much more meaning than anything I could have come up with. Or it can come via images flashing by in my head like a newspaper rolling by. Sometimes I have to ask for the messages to please go more slowly or I’ll miss it all together! Check out how I came up with my business name using this technique here.

Sometimes it will be a message given during the day. Once, I spent a day writing about my maternal grandmother trying to recreate her life to get to know her better and she gave me a clear sign she heard. I’ve never met my grandparents. So this memory has special meaning for me. (You can read about my “Finding Zofia” here.)

Sometimes I’ll have a dream visit too. You’ll know by the clarity of the dream if it’s “one of those” dreams. I still recall a humorous ending to my dad’s attempt to visit me. Read about some of my husband and I’s dream messages here.

Recently I had a dream with what I originally thought was my mom but as I dwell on it, I’m wondering if it was one of my grandmother’s—again I’ve never met my grandparents. The person in my dream was “motherly” but didn’t look like my mom from memory. So I’ve been asking just before I sleep as well as during meditation (where I sincerely thank and pray to my ancestors as part of a Loving Kindness Meditation) to please confirm who visited!

You might wonder if the message you receive is true. Is it “really” from my ancestors/the Universe? Listen to them all. It’s the answers that matter, isn’t it?

Also, remember, your yoga practice helps to develop your intuition since you are listening to your body’s messages as you move. (You are listening, right?) Your final relaxation at the end is also an ideal time to meditate and reach out as your mind is more open to suggestion in the “rest and relax” state. So including affirmations as well as questions to the Universe will meet with less walls from our ego.

The more you listen, the more messages you’ll receive. When you acknowledge the message, you are telling the Universe/your ancestors/your body, etc. that you’re open to hearing, to connecting. Why would any friend keep reaching out to connect to you if you constantly weren’t listening to them? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

By the way, it also makes sense to consider this current time an “in-between” time of pre and post pandemic, in my opinion. My business/life looks much different now than it did prior to all the madness. How about you? Some of the changes were a blessing and some were lessons; but this timeframe is also “a sacred time and of great power”. What are you going to do moving forward with YOUR precious life?

Have some fun with it and expect magic! If you don’t believe in magic, perhaps you need to redefine what magic really is. If connecting with your loved ones who’ve passed isn’t magic to you, maybe it’s time to experience the awe of that connection. And remember: “If you do not believe in magic, your life will not be magical!” Lynn V. Andrews.

My Parents ancestor altar. Ancestor altars are helpful for connecting with your ancestors


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