Strike a Match

The solar plexus chakra highlighted in this newsletter is associated with the element of fire. Flame meditations are good ways to start your practice at home. Always use caution when working with an open flame!

Using a match to start has the added benefit of limiting your practice time as a beginning student who might be overzealous in want to try it for too long a period to start.

Exercise:  Strike a match* and hold it a foot away from you and look at the flame.  Be aware of the flame.  As with an eating meditation, focus your full attention on it.  I’ve heard this type of focus being similar to immersing yourself into the flame as you would with your ears listening to a piece of music. With intent focus, experience the flame so deeply that you become one with it.  That most likely won’t happen on the first try, but it is your goal.

You can do the same exercise, when you are ready for longer meditation time, with a candle.  Place the candle on a table about two feet away from you at eye level.  *Make sure you have a fire-proof place to drop your match quickly and make sure the surrounding area is fire-proof as well!

My June 2011 newsletter mentioned using fire as a way to initiate new changes or let go of what you no longer need. Write a list of things you’re afraid of or that you feel is holding you back.  Then drown the fears and limitations by immersing the list in water, burning the list, or burying it into the earth. You can also tear the

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